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Saturday, April 16, 2011

i admire HIM :)

assalamualaikum readers :)
1st of all,
let me introduce my new IDOL
he is not normal like others.
he born as disability person.
only have 1 leg but he affort to study till got PHD.

i admire him b'cause he is tough person.
not easily give up even he is not like others.

he comes from uneffort background family.
but he try to change his famly bckground and he deserve it :)

so now, he already study in 5 UNIVERSITY
4 local and 1 oversea :)
he has 2 degrees, 2 masters and 2 PHDs.
wowww !!

he came my school last thursday.
gave the motivation to SPM and STPM candidates.
"gangster an tgok saya duduk :)"

Alhamdulillah. now im realize people who are uneffort can 
be successfully person.
but me?
" you can too mia "

oh yeah ! :)
here is one of his motivation.

his motivation is genuine.
and he alwys talk about his life.
unexpected life..
how he can face his life without leg.
his parents ,school life and till he got a second PHD.

funny with his character..
he use his body language and face expression to make we laugh.
sometimes he can act like SHAHEIZY SAM, sometimes like MAN BELON and so on...
seriously ! he are very-very-very AWESOME and AMAZING !!

but when he share his life i mean sadness moment in his life,
he managed to make us cry.
yea ! he is the best person i never know.
and now i would take him as my MENTOR :)

some more..
i know he already motivate almost a millions of student.
and he is famous one.

he teach us how to handle our depression.
avoid being a shiftless person.
 THE best prayers and
being a successful person like him.

alsooooo !
he teach something new to us..
hand excercise :)
wanna try?

good for those taking a biggest exam,
especially to all student.
also for anyone who is easily sleepy.
but. it's follow by kitaro - DANCE OF SARASVATY instrumental song.

it's very enjoy tauu !!
try it ! 
cheer you up and gain more passion.
trust me :)

we are so lucky.
b'cause we were met pple create a one of PETRONAS ads.
this one :)

and you know what ?
this ads are related with abang RAJA 's life.
he try to give lessons to everyone as well.

here is DOA FIRDAUS.

let we practice in our life especially to all students :)
INSYAALLAH :) we will success !

p/s : although he is disability but ALLAH gave him specialities.

his best words are 
"ntah pape jew"


  1. sape dia nie mia? tak pernah dgar pun.hehe

  2. hehehe..
    CEO golden minds group.
    pensyarah UiTM
    penceramah motivasi..
    best gile dia ceramah :)


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